Krabbesholm højskole, Denmark
2016, March
Duo exhibition with Otakar Zwartjes 
Latex, alginate, acrylic one, ink, mirror foil, tape, foil, clothes, paper
Various dimensions

A reflection in disguise.

Shiny surfaces, mirrors, toned car windows, spoons and all that; it reflects, it bounces, it doubles, it multiplies, it turns reality upside down. They have this one thing in common that they all do; imitating the world surrounding us and everything in it. 

Question no. 1: What if you look at a reflection that is not there?

Question no. 2: What ‘charges' the reflection as being something parallel? What makes this multiplied, reversed reality appear?

An examination on how we look at mirrors and reflective surfaces and the transformation from a physical perception to a more metaphysical one.